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Safety & Maintenance

Safety is what we put above everything else.


The brightest lit rides and the most expensive paint is worthless without safety management in place.

With St. Louis County inspections done before every event, our rides are some of the most scrutinized in the industry. But is doesn’t stop there, our trained employees inspect every ride with a checklist before every opening.

Inspections are not the extent of our procedure. Preventative maintenance is essential for safety and to minimize the down time that comes when equipment is out of service. The less down time, the more people are riding rides.

Renovation is key to keeping rides in tip top shape safety wise as well as give the ride a fresh bright appearance that everyone likes to see and ride. Every off season we can easily renovate up to four rides. This raises the bar year after year and sets the standard higher.

Below are photos of just some of the projects that we completed at our winter maintenance facility.